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If I Fall, If I Die

If I Fall, If I Die - Michael Christie I loved the storyline, but not the execution. I love novels whose main characters have a mental illness and the more screwed up they are, the better. I find those storylines fascinating. “If I Fall, If I Die” starts out strong, but halfway through, it got boring so I stopped at page 162.

The novel is about an agoraphobic mother, Diane, raising her son, Will, in their home, but one day her son wants to venture outside. He learns that being outside is much safer than his mother lead him to believe and the world didn’t come to an end. He makes friends, goes on adventures and experiences being a kid for the first time. I loved learning about Will’s first experiences outside and his moments of social awkwardness. He had no idea how to act or what public school was like. He was used to ordering everyone over the phone or online and having everything delivered to the house.

The point of view alternates between Diane and Will, and when it’s Diane’s POV, she’s usually wearing headphones and goggles while listening to a relaxation program. She rehashes her childhood and these are the moments when the story slows down and gets a bit boring. At times there wasn’t enough steam to push the story forward, so it took me three weeks to get halfway through because I kept losing interest. I typically finish a book in 3-4 days. This storyline had a lot of potential, but I would have enjoyed it more if it was executed differently. I would have liked feeling and experiencing Diane’s agoraphobia and hearing less about what lead up to it. I wanted to feel her fear and her pain. At times, I did, but it wasn’t consistent enough to keep my interest. Maybe I was on the brinks of hitting the best part, but I don’t know. Maybe the second half of the book was better than the first half for those who read the entire book. I just couldn’t get through the middle of it to find out.

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