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Aquarium by David Vann

Aquarium - David Vann

This is one of those novels that keeps your attention from start to finish and makes you lose track of time. It has flowing prose, interesting characters and wonderfully messy family drama.

Twelve year old Caitlin lives with her mother, Sheri. Caitlin goes to the local aquarium every day after school until her mother picks her up after work. At the aquarium, Caitlin befriends an old man and discovers a family secret that infuriates her mother. Caitlin’s best friend is Shalini and her mother supports the friendship until something happens that shocks Sheri. Sheri tries to teach Caitlin exactly what her childhood was like, but tries to teach her in a way that’s a drastic, horrible experience and makes Sheri look completely nuts. Even her boyfriend Steve is shocked by Sheri’s behavior.

It’s written from Caitlin’s POV as a 32 year old woman who’s looking back at her life as a 12 year old. I’m always amazed and impressed when a man can write from a woman’s perspective. Very few male authors can do this successfully.

The dialog isn’t in quotes, but it’s easy to follow. My book version had nice color photos throughout which adds a nice touch. I love the storytelling and pacing. If you enjoy stories that reveal dark family secrets and have an element of parental nuttiness, you’ll enjoy this one.

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