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Welcome to Dead House (Classic Goosebumps, #13; Goosebumps, #1)

Welcome to Dead House (Classic Goosebumps, #13; Goosebumps, #1) - R.L. Stine "Such a dark world we had entered."

Josh and Amanda's family inherits a house from their father's great uncle Charles. The house is located in Dark Falls, a small town four hours away. Josh and Amanda don't want to leave the only home they've ever known and don't want to be four hours away from their friends. When they arrive at their new house, they notice it seems cold, dark and creepy. Their little dog Petey doesn't seem to like anybody in town and for good reason. The kids start to see people in their house, but they're not sure if they're real or if it's just their overactive imaginations.

It's a quick read that you can finish in an hour or two, but I found it entertaining. The sentence structure was repetitive at times making it a little too formulaic even for a children's story. It has likable characters, but the story is predictable. It's not too scary for a child if that's a concern.