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In the Woods

In the Woods - Tana French In the Woods is about three kids who play in the woods near their homes, but only one is found, Adam Robert Ryan. Twenty years latrr, he's a detective who's investigating a murder of a girl in the same woods where his friends disappeared.

I never would have guessed that this was a debut novel; she writes like a veteran right out of the gate. She has fully developed characters that will have you knowing all of their little personality quirks.

She adds a touch of humor at times, such as this snippet between Rob and his partner Cassie when they're discussing their boss's upcoming press conference.

"'And no...slaughtered...livestock,' Cassie said, writing."
"He is not going to say that at the press conference. 'We didn't find a dead chicken'?"
"Bet you a fiver he does. He won't even miss a beat."

She's great at utilizing the senses with pinpoint accuracy, such as this line:

"Mark lit up and blew a noisy, disgusted stream of smoke out of the window."

I heard such a distinct sound after I read that that I couldn't help but laugh.

This novel will have you wanting to keep reading until the end. Even as a debut novelist she knew to trust the reader to infer. For example, the ending. You'll want to read more Tana French novels after reading this one.

Jenny's Book Bag In the Woods review.