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The Invasion of Heaven: Part One of the Newirth Mythology

The Invasion of Heaven: Part One of the Newirth Mythology - Michael B. Koep DNF at 10%

I don’t like giving up on books so quickly, but The Invasion of Heaven just wasn’t for me. I was excited to receive this from NetGalley because the synopsis is intriguing. I thought I was going to love this and was hoping that I would. This had the potential of being a great story if it had been written differently.

I didn’t like the execution. Some novels take a few extra pages of reading before you understand what’s going on, but it still happens pretty quickly. The story structure and writing style made the story confusing. It didn’t help that the e-galley was poorly formatted — the eBook lacked spacing between paragraphs. I kept reading one more page thinking that everything would click and that would be when I started loving it. Unfortunately, that just didn’t happen for me.

Some people may love this book and based on the early 5-star ratings on Goodreads, I have a feeling that my opinion is going to be in the minority group.